Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Only Thing I Know

I found this video over at Hawty McBloggy and it's worth watching even though I disagree with Brian Schmoyer's assertion that video games, as entertainment, have no lasting value. The short version is that after 30 years of gaming, the Schmoyer found himself “alone, overweight and divorced,” and he blames this on the time he spent playing video games.

Coming off of two Dragon Age playthroughs and one run through Mass Effect 2, I'm probably more sympathetic towards Schmoyer's POV than a gaming blogger should be. I've basically minored in BioWare RPGs. However, I don't think I could have made better use of that time so much as I would have made other use of that time — at the very least, I should have done more laundry.

Still, in between my tours of Ferelden and Masseffectium, I've managed to keep my approval rating high among my friends and family. Likewise, I continue to have a strong romance with my wife, which I attribute to the diversity of conversation options we have available. Finally, though my quest log is never empty, I remain a kickass Collection Development Librarian (it's all about the graphic novels).