Monday, December 28, 2009

Game Couch: 2009 in Review

Blogging in a Twitter World
Overall my blogging was down, but my tweeting (@GameCouch) was up. I think this is part of a larger trend. If I’m looking for thoughtful conversation about games, I go to Twitter. It’s also my source for news and a great way to see a quick snapshot of the gaming world’s psyche. If you’re looking for community, Twitter’s the place to go. Some quick recommendations not found on my outdated People to follow on Twitter: bsangel, 8bithack, trixie360, and CorvusE.

The Biggest Story
The Rape Game, my take on the RapeLay/Amazon controversy, drew the most views, thanks largely to Leigh Alexander including it in RapeLay: The Response.

The Second Biggest Story
I understand why unique content gets a lot of traffic, but I was surprised that so many people came here looking for information about The Force Unleashed: Jedi Temple DLC. Doesn't IGN cover stuff like this?

The Story I Wish Had Been Bigger
When a friend spotted Game Couch in a psychology newsletter, I was hoping for another flood of traffic to my interview with Grand Theft Childhood co-author Dr. Cheryl K. Olson. Instead it was just an aftershock from the 2008 piece.

Cool People
Rebecca Mayes, Audio Gamer
Video game reviews in song? I was intrigued. Since then Rebecca has exploded and now Rebecca Mayes Muses is a major part of The Escapist.

Howard Sherman, Interactive Fiction Author
What do ebook readers mean for gaming? I asked Howard Sherman, the madman behind Malinche about Interactive Fiction on the Kindle.

Beth Gallaway, Information Goddess
Beth exists in the intersection between gaming and libraries. Buy her book: Game On!

We Are They
This lead came via Jamie Sanders (VNES). They’re a cool band and I still love the pirate song. Don’t know how the Wii contest ever turned out.